William Crighton
William Crighton – William Crighton
2016 Exclusively Licensed To The Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Electric Guitar, Banjo



Wide Awake – Parachute
2016 Vanguard Records
Electric Guitar



Side A – Single – Augustana
Electric Guitar


The Waterboys
Modern Blues – The Waterboys
2015 Harlequin and Clown
Electric Guitar, Composer


Scars On 45
Safety In Numbers – Scars On 45
2014 Nettwerk Productions Ltd
Electric Guitar


Colin Smith
It Only Took a War (Part 1) – EP – Colin Smith
2013 Colin Smith Music
Electric Guitar
It Only Took a War (Part 1) - EP - Colin Smith


Dave Wanamaker
Shelter – Dave Wanamaker
2013 Dave Wanamaker Music
Electric Guitar


Betsie Larkin
All We Have Is Now (Bonus Video Version) – Betsie Larkin
2011 Premier
Electric Guitar
All We Have Is Now (Bonus Video Version) - Betsie Larkin


The Damnwells
No One Listens To The Band Anymore
2011 Pledge Music
Electric Guitar, Composer, Production
The Damnwells


Matt White
It’s the Good Crazy
2010 Rykodisc
Electric and Acoustic Guitars
It's the Good Crazy - Matt White


2011 Nuns Lungs
Additional Electric Guitar
Everything - MrNorth


Colin Smith
The Wilderness
Electric Guitar, Production
The Wilderness - Colin Smith


The Sweet Divines
Heckuva Man – EP
2010 Tambo Records
Electric Guitar
Heckuva Man - EP - The Sweet Divines


There We Were, Now Here We Are
2009 Third Life Entertainment
Electric Guitar
There We Were, Now Here We Are - zerobridge


The Damnwells
One Last Century
Poor Man Records 2009
Electric Guitar
One Last Century - The Damnwells


Brandon Sheer
Let Me Let You Go EP
Electric Guitar


Senor Happy
I’m Sorry
2004 Q Division
Electric Guitar
I'm Sorry - Señor Happy


The So and So’s
Give Me Drama
2003 Supertiny Music
Electric/Acoustic, Backing Vocals, Band Member
Give Me Drama - The So and So's


Kay Hanley
Instant Live
2003 Instant Live
Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals


Rubirosa Records 2003
Electric Guitar, Band Member
Pins - godboxer


Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune
2000 What Kinda Records
Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Composer, Band Member
Miss Fortune - Miss Fortune